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I LOVE Model Me Kids videos and so do my students! I highly recommend this resource!
Designed as a teaching tool for children, adolescents, and teenagers with Autism, Aspergers, PDD-NOS,
Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NVLD or NLD), and developmental delays, the videos are used by parents, teachers, and therapists.
The videos are also helpful for teaching children with developmental disabilities such as Down Syndrome.

Timer Countdown
Choose your time or create your own. Looks very useful in the classroom or at home!
Special thanks to James for sharing this site.

File Folder Heaven
Many, free, printable Autism Tasks
Special thanks to Natalie Fischer, owner of File Folder Heaven for sharing this site.

File Folder Heaven (a few more)
A few more free, printable Autism Tasks

Educate Autism
Educate Autism is a website dedicated to helping those working with children with autism by providing free teaching materials, various tutorials to help you make your own teaching aids and articles to provide information about teaching methods and behavioural principles.
Special thanks to Gavin Cosgrave for sharing this site.

DoToLearn Forms
Organizational tools, including problem solving, literacy tools, teacher forms, classroom tools and more!

Picto Selector
A free visual support program you can download.
Special thanks to Martijn van der Kooij from The Netherlands for sending this site.
Lots of ideas & printable materials. Also, click the navigation buttons on the left for data forms and more!
Special thanks to Kathryn for sending in this site.

FDLRS & ESE Boardmaker Resources
A new site from Mayer-Johnson! This site provides an endless amount of Boardmaker files!
You must have Boardmaker to open the files.

Southern California Autism Training Collaborative Website
Lots of examples of structured work jobs.

Visual Aids for Learning
Some free, printable, visuals to help people learn everyday activities.

Spectronics Symbol Activity Exchange
Assistive Technology Team

Lots of free, printable Boardmaker activities.

OMAC Consulting
A fantastic site by Cindy Golden. Cindy was formerly a school psychologist and is currently a special education administrator. Her site has wonderful ideas, pictures, and freebies! Worth taking the time to explore!

Crafty Chic
Some free, printable file folder games.

ZAC Browser - Zone for Autistic Children
ZAC is the first web browser developed specifically for children with autism, and autism spectrum disorders such as Asperger syndrome, pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), and PDD-NOS. We have made this browser for the children - for their enjoyment, enrichment, and freedom. Children touch it, use it, play it, interact with it, and experience independence through ZAC.
Special thanks to my father, Thomas Glew for sending in this site.

Create A Graph
Make many different types of graphs. Add your own data to track behaviors or IEP goals.

Positively Autism
Free resources, lesson plans, teaching materials, and more!

Touch Math
Some free printables. I have used Touch Math with my students
since I started teaching. I think it's fantastic.

Autism Classroom Tips
12 good tips to setting up an autism classroom.

Created by a group of behavior specialists and
teachers of students with autism.
Lots of downloads and helpful information.

Special thanks to Laura Haratine in Orlando, Florida
for sharing this site.

Classroom Supports & Strategies
Contains information on ways to structure the environment to enhance communication and maximize independence in educational, home and community settings.

The Children's Society "Askability"
A symbol website with news, games, books, jokes and more!
Special thanks to Trevor from the U.K. for sharing this site.

Slater Software Inc.
Free, printable activity files for students with autism

More Slater Software Inc.
More free stuff

CARD-USF Learning Curve
The CARD Learning Curve is an online resource that provides interesting and interactive stories, ideas, resources and materials for teachers of students with autism or a related disability.

Autism Information for Staff
Lots of useful suggestions for working with students who have ASD.

Autism Classroom
Includes information on setting up a classroom, a parent's page, an educator's page, information for paraprofessionals and lots of free printables.

Lots of useful curriculum tools.

Lots of useful, free printable picture cards for use in school, home and community.

ABA Resources
Free downloadable materials.
Special thanks to Liza Delgado in McAllen, Texas for sharing this site.

Building Blox
Specialized Teaching Tools. Includes pictures of task ideas and some free downloads. I have not tried any yet, but this site also has products for purchase.
Special thanks to Joana in Dallas, Texas for sharing this site.

Widgit Ready to Use Resources
Free, printable symbol supported learning materials, symbol stories and support for communication and language.

This page has some free samples, but you have to subscribe for a fee to access the other stuff. Has printable weekly newspapers with related activities adapted to different functional levels. I think it's great. Worth taking a look at.

Symbol World
Ready made pages using symbols. This is a nice site to print from or use as a springboard for your own ideas. Includes jokes, news, recipes, social stories, history, science and nature, literacy and so much more, all using symbols!

SEN TeacherResources
Lots of wonderful printables! You can add customized details to them too! Includes printable word & number cards, certificate maker, telling time, graphs, numbers, shapes, multiplication tables and so much more!

Picture Symbol Ideas and Resources
Links with ideas on how to use picture symbols with our students.

TEACCH Work Jobs
Lots of picture examples of work tasks you can make for your student's independent work areas. Really nice site!

This site contains many picture examples! Has unit plan, communication and classroom management examples. Worth taking the time to explore!

This site lets you search for pictures to print & use in the classroom.

Speaking of Speech Materials Exchange
Lots of free printables for use in the classroom made with Boardmaker! Click "Materials Exchange" on the left hand side.

Autism Teaching Tools
A source for practical information and teaching tips for working with our special learners. They have indexed over 200 books, songs, games and toys.

The Beattie Center for Children with Autism
Has language boards, holiday & home activities & ideas, parent resources, links. Worth looking at.
Really nice page. Created by a teacher of autistic students. She has lots of ideas and information.

This is one of my favorite websites. It contains many printable materials suited for an autistic support classroom as well as great information!

Do 2 Learn
Another excellent site. It contains printable materials, an emotions online game as well as a wealth of information.
Teaching Children with Autism. Contains printable data collecting sheets, social stories,and other useful information.

Use Visual Strategies
Lots of free picture cards to print.

Beyond Autism
This page contains lots of free PECs cards you can print (scroll all the way down to the bottom for the PECs).

Picture Recipes
This page contains many printable picture recipes for teachers who do cooking activities with their students. It's a great site!

Math Worksheets
Wonderful site! You can create your own math worksheets depending on the needs of your students! Includes addition & subtraction with or without regrouping, multiplication, division, telling time & more! This is great for teachers who provide individualized instruction!

Special Education Services
Autism: Interventions and Strategies for Success! Contains some great articles, information & ideas.

Checklists for making modifications
Contains checklists for modifying material and environment. This is helpful for behavior plans and the "modifications" section of student's IEPs.

Preschool Printables
This page contains printable file folder activities.

Some beautiful, heartwarming poems written by a mother who's son is autistic. I just had to add this page.

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