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March Activities from My Classroom

Leprechaun Poem

Write a Leprechaun Poem

Leprechaun Pie Activity

Leprechaun Pie (Cooking Project)
I have my students work in groups to encourage teamwork and cooperation. You will need 1 box of pudding (I use chocolate) for each group, milk (put green food coloring in the milk), small ready made pie shells (1 for each student), and whipped topping

Leprechaun Pie Job Sheet
Student choose jobs using this form.

Leprechaun Pie Labels
Put these labels on the pudding box, milk, and pie shell lids

Leprechaun Pudding Letter (PDF file)
Made from pistachio pudding. I put this letter out with instant pistachio pudding powder and milk. The students get to make the leprechaun pudding.

If I were a leprechaun (writing))

10 Things that are green (writing))

If I found a pot of gold (writing)

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