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This page is dedicated to my friend Karen Thomas.
Thank you for all you've taught me about speech, language, and autism.

Communication and Speech

Using Computer Activities to Enhance Language Learning
Lots of resources, links, and printables!

Jill Kuzma’s Social Thinking Weblog
Lots of teaching tips, tools, resources, and printables!
Special thanks to Jill Kuzma for sharing this site!

Caroline Bowen PhD
Lots of great speech links and information.

TEACCH Communication Approaches
Contains articles with lots of examples about how to encourage communication.

Semantic Pragmatic Disorder Parent's Page
Created by a parent of a child who has Semantic Pragmatic Disorder. This site contains therapy ideas, links articles and more.

Pragmatics, Socially Speaking
Visit this site to find useful information about pragmatics.

Speaking of Speech Materials Exchange
Lots of good speech information and free printables for use with Boardmaker.

Sites for Autistic Support Teachers
Take a look at my page for autistic support teachers for free, printable picture cards and other visual strategies which help to improve communication.

Some of my favorite links to purchase materials for communication and speech!

Super Duper Publications
I have ordered many items through this company. They have lots of great materials!

Different Roads to Learning
Another excellent site with materials to use in the classroom and home! This company was founded by a parent of a child with autism.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you know of some useful speech and communication sites. Thank you!

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