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Setting up an Autistic Support Classroom

The Watson Institute
Lots of information and printables to help you set up your autistic support classroom.

Classroom Tools from The Watson Institute
Tips and suggestions to help you in your classroom.

Autism 4 Teachers
Suggestions to help with structure in the classroom.

OMAC Consulting
A fantastic site by Cindy Golden. Cindy was formerly a school psychologist and is currently a special education administrator. Her site has wonderful ideas, pictures, and freebies! Worth taking the time to explore!

10 Steps To A Successful Classroom
Great advise from

Strategies for Teaching Students with Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Lots of advise and picture examples from

Autism Classroom Tips
Twelve good tips for an autistic support classroom.
Elements of an Effective Classroom

Structure in the Classroom

The following are examples of ways to add structure to your classroom. Click each link for a picture example of each.

Structuring Math
How to structure addition.

Conversation Visual
Visual reminder for having a conversation.

Adding Structure Using Functional Signs
Used as visual reminders to avoid interruptions.

Add structure to books
Each day I would straighten up the book shelves because books were scattered everywhere. One day I decided to do something about it...

Structured workstation
Shows how to add structure to a workstation.

Desk organization
Shows how to add structure to a desk when the student has difficulty keeping the area clean.

Organizing play materials
Suggestions to help students organize play materials.

Other examples of structure
Replacing headphones when finished and waiting in line.

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